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March 25, 2014
All lime feed systems are the same… right?

Pet Bull


I was driving home from a long day when I saw this sign. I stopped right then and took this picture. The quality is poor because it was almost dark, but you can still see the message, “Pet Bull $40.”  The reason I took the picture was not because of the alleged misspelled word.  What struck me was how one letter can  make such a difference in the final product especially when you consider what may be required to  the owner of either a pit bull or a pet bull.   The owner may need to buy dog food, a collar, and make sure the animal is safe when near children.  The second possibility would require acres of land, female bulls, and fencing to make sure that the pet bull stayed in the pasture.

So much hinges on small details!  That is why all lime feed systems are not created equal.  Over the years a few engineers have said, “Well, lime is just another chemical and we design lots of chemical feed systems.”  Ask any operator who feeds lime slurry and they will say it is dusty, hard to handle, makes a mess, clogs lines, and is difficult to feed accurately.  Lime is not just another chemical especially as it pertains to accurate dosages and eliminating maintenance in treatment plants.

Recently, a water plant superintendent visited one of our systems.  We had contacted him two years earlier because his lime system was in really bad shape.  At that time he said they planned on making a few upgrades to the system and did not see any reason to evaluate the CAL~FLO System®.  A lime system is a lime system… right?  Sadly the improvements did not produce the intended results and for two years the constant battle with the lime slurry feed system was tough on the operators.  After recently visiting another water plant and seeing the CAL~FLO System®, noticing the ease of operation and hearing from the operators about its’ accuracy and control he is moving forward with scheduling a CAL~FLO plant trial.

No need to reinvent the wheel.  For over 20 years we focused on building and perfecting the most operator friendly, most accurate, and highest quality lime slurry feed system on the market.  Line sizing, tank size, tank design, pump selection, injection points, and controls make all the difference.  Missing just one small detail can be the difference between a problematic lime slurry feed system and a CAL~FLO System®.  We have helped water plants replace the headaches of dry lime and the dangers of liquid caustic with an operator friendly alternative: the CAL~FLO System®.  Before you  buy a “pet bull” or a generic lime system please call us.  The details really do make all the difference.



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Author: Dallas Burnett



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