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July 2, 2013
You get what you pay for…

On a recent trip to the City of Dallas I had some free time at the end of a day after visiting with several large municipalities.  I was able to catch the last guided tour at the Dallas Cowboys stadium.  To my surprise and amazement I found out that they spent $5 million dollars more on the new high definition jumbotron screen than they did on the first Cowboys stadium ($40 million and $35 million respectively)!!  The guide said that the facility cost over $1.2 billion to build and was almost 100% over budget.  I cringed because I knew there must have been a few contractors, engineers, and project managers who probably lost their jobs due to the budget overrun.  However, the guide began to explain that much of the overrun was due to owner Jerry Jones coming onsite and changing the design during construction.  “I don’t like the floor, tear it out and put in custom black tile with blue flake accents” Jones said.  “Yes, sir!” the contractor replied.  Never mind that the original floor was $3 dollars a square foot and the new custom tiles were over $30 per square foot.

Interesting there was a lack of complaints after the job was complete (at least from the owner Jerry Jones).  Jerry Jones never said after the project “Man, I wish we had chosen the cheap stuff and stayed on budget!”  He has commented on how proud he is of the stadium and what an amazing facility the Cowboys have to play in each week.  No matter what team you pull for, after taking the tour of the new Cowboys Stadium you would agree.  The facility is amazing and extremely impressive.

Hence the saying you are never disappointed when you buy quality.  At Burnett Inc. we make the most advance liquid slurry system on the plant.  We customize every detail to meet the owner’s needs like a fine tailored suit.  Sometimes we hear municipalities ask why we cannot set a tank and some pumps at their plant and keep it cheap.  We have definitely entertained the thought.  However, ultimately we continue to choose to serve customers who choose quality and performance over a cheap and ineffective technology.



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Author: Dallas Burnett

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