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September 23, 2013
Is CAL~FLO slurry really different from generic lime slurry?

BMW’s are my favorite automobiles. They really are the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. The BMW Roadsters are manufactured at a plant not far from our headquarters in Upstate South Carolina.

I don’t own a BMW (yet), but in the future if I have the chance to park one in my driveway it would be hard to turn down. One common characteristic about high performance cars is that most require high performance fuel. It seems intuitive. You have a quality engineered product that is fine-tuned to perfection and needs a fuel that aligns with it’s demands. The concept is true for lime slurry feed systems too.

The CAL~FLO System® is a fine-tuned lime feed system. The only feed system that comes with a unique functional guarantee. To maintain its’ high performance, the CAL~FLO System® requires a high quality slurry. CAL~FLO slurry is one of the highest grades of slurry on the market.  In municipal bid environments we supply the  purchasing agents slurry specifications to protect the municipality from receiving a low grade generic lime slurry. Generic lime slurries can be manufactured from a wide range of raw lime products. Many lime products are poor quality and contain large quantities of inert (worthless) material. Generic lime slurries are manufactured using standard well-known industry techniques which produce a wide range of slurry particle sizes (varying the slurry’s reactivity in water).  CAL~FLO is made to a higher standard.

We were sent an email from one of our clients whose purchasing department did not believe that strict slurry specifications are required to maintain a high performance system. Like many purchasing agents who have never worked with dry lime in the past, their mantra was “lime is lime”. Unfortunately, there experience was less than satisfactory:

“The generic lime we used a few years ago was poor quality.  In addition, the vendor guaranteed a well blended hydrated  30% lime slurry.  Unfortunately neither was the case.  After threatening to drop their contract the sales manager admitted they were using quick lime.  We know this is not suitable for water treatment.  Moreover, this lime clogged all of our feed equipment causing us to repair or replace most of it.  We used caustic to prevent a plant shutdown.  We terminated the contract immediately.  Needless to say we learned our lesson regarding quality and went back to CAL-FLO.  We did look at a couple other vendors but CAL- FLO’s product had the highest quality.  Since we went back to CAL-FLO we have not experienced any feed problems associated with the product.  CAL-FLO’s blend is very consistent and in our opinion far superior than sodium hydroxide.   Other than a good quality product, customer service and the technical expertise offered by CAL-FLO (Burnett Lime) is beyond our expectations.  The staff is very happy with Burnett Lime.  Thanks!”  ~  Barry K. Parsons – Greensboro Water Supply Division Manager

After experiencing the issues referenced above the water plant contacted our company and asked for the CAL~FLO System® to be inspected.  We were able to help them clean out the system and get back on track.  After the major problems caused at the plant, the purchasing office decided to change to our recommended slurry specifications on the next bid.

Whether you drive a BMW or operate a CAL~FLO System® make sure to always add a quality chemical that can meet the demands of the quality equipment.  If you have questions on what types of topics your specifications should cover, contact us or check out the other blog series 5 Essential Recommendations to Ensure Supply of High Quality Lime Slurry  for more information.


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Author: Dallas Burnett

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