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February 15, 2014
Water Treatment and Cooking Oil

PAM Cooking OilI was asked to visit a water plant recently to discuss some post treatment options using the CAL~FLO System®.  After discussing the post treatment challenges we focused on the current lime system and the benefits of using CAL~FLO. The plant superintendent wanted to see our system, but clearly stated that he had designed and built the current slaker system at the plant and did not need any help building a slurry system.  He was adamant that his system was cheaper and more efficient than the system the engineers had proposed.  The operator told me how he designed the dry lime slaker system and mentioned it had no lime build-up on it.

I was very interested in his comment because I have NEVER seen a lime slaker that did not have build up without constant attention and cleaning.  I asked about his design and what made it different from the engineer’s proposal. “Not much” he said.” It is just a box with a mixer.”  I asked how he kept from having build-up on the box and mixer like so many municipalities.  He proudly exclaimed, “I have our operators spray it with cooking oil everyday.”

I am not sure how much cooling oil it takes to grease up a slaker or how they came up with the idea.  I also did not ask if the treated water tasted like fried chicken.  What I do know is that for over 20 years all our company has focused on is building the best lime slurry feed system in the industry.  We stand behind our system by offering a guarantee that the feed lines will not clog and sediment will not build up in the storage tank when you feed our lime slurry.   Even better, we don’t require you to spray the CAL~FLO System® with cooking oil.


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Author: Dallas Burnett

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