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June 24, 2013
Why your process, product, chemical, or equipment better sell itself

CAL~FLO debuted at this year’s SEDA conference in Delray Beach, Florida.  SEDA 2013 was an excellent conference that focused on best practices, current research, and the future of membrane water and waste water treatment technology.   This year’s conference also showcased several plants in Florida.

I was excited because several of the membrane plants presented used our CAL~FLO and Re~Min dosing systems to achieve final pH adjustment and permeate stabilization.  Engineers referenced and pictured our systems at water plants and compared our system to alternatives (without explicitly naming our company or system).  The engineers discussed the accurate control, low maintenance and performance of using our system and showed several pictures of our technology.  IT WAS OUTSTANDING!   After their presentation several municipalities came up to the engineers after the presentations and asked how they could pilot the technology at their plant.

Ironically, it wasn’t really CAL~FLO’s debut at the SEDA conference.  Over 5 years earlier, I was asked by the conference chairman to present our emerging technology.  I gave virtually the same presentation as the engineers on the benefits of our system, head-to-head cost comparisons with other chemicals, and case studies that demonstrated success.  The result no leads.  Everyone who rated my presentation said two things:

  1. Great presentation!
  2. Sounds too good to be true.  Was that just a sales pitch?

The moral of the story is that it was difficult to build complete trust with a room full of strangers in 20 minutes and CAL~FLO sounded almost too good to be true.   However, after that presentation we started working with engineering firms in Florida and in pilot studies the system accomplished everything as promised.  We had convinced and demonstrated to engineers and municipal superintendents that our product delivered.  The CAL~FLO System® sold itself to the engineers.  Who after seeing the benefits and building confidence in the system, showcased their pilot studies at SEDA.  We generated discussion and chatter within the industry the old fashion way.

It is always better when people are chatting about your product or service behind your back (as long as they are saying good things) than if you are telling them directly.  If you own the technology, people naturally distrust your pitch even if it is true.  However, the distrust melts away when other people confirm the value of your product or service.  True innovation is contagious.



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Author: Dallas Burnett

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