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A New Way to Think About CO2

Why use Burnett as your source for bulk CO2? Because we’ve brought new thinking to an old product to make CO2 consistently better. Here’s how:

Operator Friendly

  • With Burnett CO2, there is less equipment to maintain verses pressurized liquid systems.
  • Automated or manual pH and flow pace control are available.
  • With Burnett CO2 you will deal directly with the manufacturer and not a distributor.

Lower Cost

  • We feature a simple, straightforward system design to keep capital cost low.
  • Burnett CO2 has comparable dissolution efficiency compared to other gas or liquid systems, and has the predictably reliable results that long-term customers have come to expect from Burnett.

Direct Gas Injection

  • The bubble size of direct gas injection accelerates dissolution rate and assures maximum absorption (Henry’s Law).
  • It reduces the number of pressurized water lines and additional side stream pumps.
  • Direct gas injection options include in-line or mixing, which eliminates the requirement of a separate bubble basin.

Burnett CO2 is also an essential part of our Re~Min and Cal~Flo system that can lower long-term infrastructure improvement costs in the distribution system.

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