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Compare CAL~FLO to Alternative


  • Precise application (reduces feed rate)
  • Low maintenance
  • No dust
  • Nonhazardous
  • Complete solution to control pH, hardness and alkalinity – Cal~Flo flattens your water curve to deliver straight-line predictable results both coming into and out of your plant
  • Dissolves on contact, no settling in rapid mix, finished water lines, or sludge basins

Dry Lime

  • Clogs feed lines and settles to the bottom of tanks
  • Inaccurate chemical dosing
  • Requires constant maintenance, higher rehabilitation costs and higher replacement cost
  • Dust covers almost every working surface of equipment and chemical room
  • Poor mixing in wastewater sludge basins leads to settling and higher plant maintenance

Liquid Caustic

  • Causes burns and is extremely dangerous to handle (hazardous chemical classification)
  • Has feed problems in cold temperatures (can gel in pumps)
  • Erratic pricing; more expensive on average
  • Treats pH only and adds additional sodium to the water

Magnesium Hydroxide

  • More expensive
  • Slower reaction time
  • Less raw material supply

Costs Reduced/Eliminated through Cal~Flo

  • Chemical costs
  • Safety incident costs
  • Plant maintenance costs
  • Water system maintenance costs
  • Compliance costs

Cal~Flo pricing is stable and predictable, unlike the ebb and flow of typical liquid caustic costs. If you average the price of caustic over 5 years, Cal~Flo is approximately $100/ton cheaper. Combine that with Cal~Flo’s feed rate reduction, and you have a formula to safely control the long-term budgeting costs of your municipality or organization.


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