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Cal~Flo: How it Works

Cal~Flo eliminates the application challenges of dry lime, liquid caustic and mag hydroxide while simplifying your chemical delivery system and reducing costs. This technology can accurately adjust pH levels, or add needed alkalinity to your wastewater. It can also be integrated into your existing SCADA system to make real-time adjustments from your control room. Meet your quality standards with solid and predictable results and minimal work.

Getting started with Cal~Flo

Getting started with Cal~Flo is easy:
  1. We’ll bring a test unit out to your plant to determine the results you can expect with the Cal~Flo system. You pay only for the chemicals we use during this testing process (and that’s only if we need our large testing unit). No set up fee, no delivery fee—no kidding. Another option is that we can run samples of your water to generate results in our lab free of charge.
  2. If you decide to move forward, we can design and custom-build your system in approximately 12 weeks. Depending on the project, we can work directly with the municipality or with the engineering firm of choice.
  3. Our single tank systems can be installed in one day in most cases. You provide the concrete pad, water supply and power supply. We install the system including storage tank, control room, pumps, feed lines and other system components.
Cal~Flo is ANSI/NSF 60 certified. We can meet the design requirements of your local municipality, including hurricane/earthquake standards when necessary.
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