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Hydrated Lime Systems

Lime feed equipment for neutralization and pH control.

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Lime feed equipment can be a water treatment operators worst enemy or best friend. For decades dry lime feed systems have been designed with a dry storage silo and a lime slurry mix tank at its base. Problems with lime sediment and clogged feed lines often require maintenance to keep those lime feed systems running properly. Troubles with dust on electrical parts are common and pH stability is often difficult to maintain with dry lime silo feed equipment.

Burnett manufactures the patented CAL~FLO slurry system for all types of municipal and industrial lime applications. With strict lime slurry specifications, the CAL~FLO System® provides a functional guarantee against the common headaches of mix tank sediment or clogged feed lines as found in dry lime silos. With more modern technology, CAL~FLO can be operated with pH controls, flow controls, batch timers, SCADA, or simple manual selectors so that operators can sustain a higher level of accuracy and precision.

To assure a customer that the CAL~FLO System® completely meets their lime requirements, small-scale pilot tests or full-scale plant trials can be run with our portable test units. With data collected from testing, the CAL~FLO System® can be properly sized and the customer can better understand the advantages of total liquid feeding. Once the decision is made to move forward with a CAL~FLO System®, engineering will provide a complete system description, drawings, and quote.

In some situations, a lower level of automation is needed or lower capital may be available. In this case, Burnett manufactures the economy B-Series Lime Slurry System and a medium priced G-30 Lime Slurry System. Using either of the economy lime feed systems, strict slurry specifications are still required to preserve the functional guarantee.

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