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December 5, 2012
Burnett launches new website

Burnett Inc. announced the launch of a new website to showcase an entirely new brand identity for the organization.

“Burnett now leads the industry in process technology,” declared Dallas Burnett, Marketing Director of Burnett, Inc. “With revolutionary new offerings in water treatment and remineralization, CO2 dosing and pumps, we needed a new identity to demonstrate our capabilities to a global audience. We feel this new website speaks to the needs of plant managers in both the municipal and industrial sectors, and should provide a user-friendly vehicle to learn more about how our approach can benefit their organization.” The new site contains information on product lines and services, videos, testimonials, case studies, and other valuable information. Produced by The Visual Lab, a design firm in Atlanta Georgia, the new website will provide valuable information to plant managers, design engineers, and all prospective customers while offering robust new ecommerce capabilities.

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