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March 12, 2015
Burnett Lime Company Receives US Patent No. 8,951,419B2 for Water Treatment Method

Research for the RE~MIN PROCESS® began in 2005 in an effort to “Dial In” hardness/alkalinity with pH trim on RO permeate.  After years of testing, the RE~MIN PROCESS® allows Water Treatment Plant personnel to take control of their critical water parameters to achieve or improve their Langelier Saturation Index in waters that could never meet the criteria.  Re~Min has opened up options for RO Treatment Plants to improve or achieve optimum LSI goals.  Low alkalinity surface water treatment plants have also identified the RE~MIN PROCESS® as a means of plant optimization through stabilizing raw water prior to coagulation and for mineralization of finished water for distribution.  Although this patent has recently been issued, the RE~MIN PROCESS® is installed at Water Treatment Plants in FL, GA, and TN.  Future installations are designed for SC, KS, and CA.

Re~Min technology is an entirely new concept to achieve water treatment remineralization. Company co-founder Hugh Burnett said “Raw water can experience extreme fluctuations in pH and alkalinity. Re~Min is a pretreatment option that gives the control back to plant managers to maintain consistent pH and alkalinity even during a rain event.” Re~Min also benefits membrane plants who face issues in permeate water stability. “Many membrane plants face a constant challenge to maintain a positive LSI or CCPP,” continued Burnett. “Historically, membrane plants have tried to blend water or use large amounts of expensive corrosion inhibitors. Now, Re~Min gives these membrane plants a more cost effective option that can produce better tasting water.”

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