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January 1, 2013
Clinton SC Water Plant Given Burnett Inc. Innovation Award

The Clinton South Carolina Water Treatment Plant was recently given the Burnett Inc. Water Treatment Innovation Award.  Burnett Inc. selected the Clinton Water Treatment Plant for the award because of its desire to innovate by installing the first CAL~FLO System® ever constructed.  The municipality asked Burnett Inc. to build the custom system to replace soda ash dosing at the surface plant in the early 1990’s.  Since the installation the CAL~FLO System® has operated for over 20 years of continuous use at the Clinton Water Treatment Plant.

“It is rare to find a municipality so confident to try something totally new,”  said co-founder Hugh Burnett.  At the time in the water treatment industry, liquid lime slurry was not seen in as a viable option.  Instead liquid caustic, dry lime, and soda ash were the chemicals of choice  for pH control in conventional treatment processes.  After growing through the 1990’s the CAL~FLO System® has replaced many of the alternative chemicals throughout the southeast and CAL~FLO slurry is now a valuable option for water treatment plants and engineers across the USA.

We offers our sincere thanks and  gratitude to the Clinton Water Treatment Plant for being the first owners of a CAL~FLO System®.  Thanks for taking a risk, for trying something new, and most of all for giving Burnett Inc. your trust.  Congratulations to Clinton Water Treatment Plant, the recipients of the Burnett Inc. Water Treatment Innovation Award

Jimmy Miller (superintendent) accepting Innovation Award from Hugh Burnett (co-founder)

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