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Take the Cal~Flo Advantage Even Further

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Our RE~MIN PROCESS® technology enhances the CAL~FLO System® in the following ways:

  • Through a combination of Cal~Flo, CO2 and mixing technology, you can increase the amount of hardness and alkalinity to any desired level while controlling pH and turbidity.
  • That means you can achieve a positive reading on both the LSI and CCPP corrosivity indices. Re~Min provides membrane plants the ability to stabilize their permeate water and save distribution lines from the effects of harmful corrosion.
  • Re~Min also increases the dissolution efficiency of Cal~Flo.
  • The result is that you can offer your customers calcium-fortified water that is balanced, clear and stable.

Re~Min also offers conventional plants pre-treatment benefits. By increasing the alkalinity of the raw water, water treatment plants can enhance coagulation and maintain control of their plant even during a rain event (high-color low alkalinity). Re~Min gives operators control of their raw water regardless of the external conditions.

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