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Re~Min: How it Works

Restore More InfoRe~Min is a process technology that incorporates the CAL~FLO System® to enable the user to raise calcium, hardness and alkalinity while still controlling variables such as pH and turbidity. The result is stable water that is reconditioned, clear and perfectly balanced. The RE~MIN PROCESS® provides automated dosing of both liquid calcium hydroxide and carbon dioxide to Re~Min a natural balance to water before or after the treatment process.

Getting started with Re~Min

Getting started with Re~Min is easy:

  1. We’ll bring a test unit out to your plant to determine the results you can expect with the Re~Min system. Low-flow pilot units can generate test results without requiring a full-scale plant trial. Utilizing a pilot unit lowers permitting requirements without sacrificing the quality of results. Full-scale plant trials of Re~Min are available on request.
  2. If you decide to move forward, we custom-build each Re~Min system including CAL~FLO, CO2 and mixing process technologies. We perform the system design and can submit the design drawings to the municipality or engineer depending on the job.
  3. We work directly with municipalities and engineers from testing and design through installation and operation. Our goal is to provide a seamless transition through each step of the project and deliver a process technology that offers predictable results.

Re~Min is ANSI/NSF 60 certified and UL approved. We can meet the design requirements of your local municipality, including hurricane/earthquake resistance if necessary.

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