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“Our goal is to produce high quality water 24/7. After installing our first CAL~FLO System® it quickly became obvious that it not only helped our dosing accuracy but also eliminated the many problems experienced with the dry hydrate system. The level of support, service and dependability of product delivery from Burnett Inc. has proven to be invaluable. The CAL~FLO System® performed so well we bought 4 more.”
~Allen L. Catoe (Superintendent of Water Plants)
“CAL~FLO slurry is the most cost effective process to meet Class B requirements for land application of sludge.”
~Shuford Wise (Superintendent)
“After installing Burnett’s RE~MIN PROCESS® Technology we were able to solve our plant’s compliance concerns. RE~MIN PROCESS® technology gives our plant ultimate control over hardness, alkalinity, and pH. With RE~MIN PROCESS®, our membrane plant’s finished water is stable leaving the plant and maintains its stability throughout our distribution system. RE~MIN PROCESS® technology is simple, effective, and most importantly works to help stabilize and control our finished water. RE~MIN PROCESS® extended the life of our distribution system and saved our plant thousands of dollars a year by providing an alternative to expensive chemicals like sodium bicarbonate and liquid caustic.”
~Thomas Flynn (Superintendent)
“I have five operators that have dealt with the insconsistencies of lime in the past. They all love this system (CAL~FLO) and would probably hang me if I tried to replace it.”
~Robert McCroskey (Plant Supervisor)
“Now we feel that we have found the best method for treating our lime feeding problems (using the CAL~FLO System®).”
~Fred Brock (Manager)
“The CAL~FLO System® increases workplace safety since my men do not have to pick up 50 lbs bags of lime anymore.”
~Eric Moats (Superintendent)
“For years, we poured thousands into extra maintenance costs. Until Burnett came along, it has never been easier to control pH, hardness and alkalinity without all the clogging and mess.”
~Lisa Dailey (Superintendent)
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