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Wastewater TreatmentWastewater operators face a variety of challenges ranging from changes in the type and volume of waste entering the collection system, maintaining adequate alkalinity to promote denitrification, to sludge stabilization. Does your collection system suffer from odor control issues at lift stations? Could your plant use additional alkalinity to run more efficiently? Do you struggle with dust and the headaches associated with dry lime?

There is a better way.

Burnett brings predictability to the often unstable environment of wastewater treatment. We help control two important parameters—pH and alkalinity—to maintain predictable plant operations through:

Cal~Flo—the first and only technology to bring precise and accurate control to liquid calcium hydroxide dosing while eliminating the chaotic application environment of dry lime and slow reactivity of magnesium hydroxide. Dial in exact pH levels and add needed alkalinity without sacrificing control or reactivity. CAL~FLO helps control odor in the collection system. By raising the pH, hydrogen sulfide is sequestered and suppressed, reducing or eliminating odor. CAL~FLO reacts instantly when added at the head of the plant increasing the alkalinity and maximizing the efficiency of chemical dosing resulting in lower chemical costs compared to magnesium hydroxide. Finally, CAL~FLO is excellent for Class B sludge stabilization by eliminating the mess and inefficiency experienced with dry lime.
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CO2Many waste plants suffer from struvite. Why not use CO2 to lower the pH of the sludge to reduce the formation of struvite in dewatering? CO2 is an excellent application in wastewater treatment plants for pH control.
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Graco Pumps—Wastewater plants always need high performance chemical pumps to sustain the treatment process. Our peristaltic pumps work extremely well in wastewater treatment applications.
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