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A suspension of calcium hydroxide in water is hydrated lime slurry.

hydrated lime slurry mixing

The manufacturer adds approximately 20% water to calcium oxide to produce hydrated lime slurry.

There is a difference between the raw materials that produce calcium hydroxide or hydrated lime slurry. Lime is mined from quarries as calcium carbonate rock. The rocks are then heated to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit in coal or gas fired kilns burning off carbon dioxide and creating calcium oxide.

In order for hydrated lime slurry to be produced, the hydrated lime manufacturer adds approximately 20% water to calcium oxide, converting it to calcium hydroxide while avoiding a liquid lime slurry.

CAL~FLO slurry is made with air-classified hydrate, making it the highest grade raw product that lime mines produce. It also eliminates the application challenges of dry lime. In Burnett’s manufacturing process, CAL~FLO further cleans the hydrated lime slurry producing a high-quality lime slurry–one of the best in the market.

CAL~FLO offers a complete solution to control pH, hardness, and alkalinity. It provides predictable results, and with its stable pricing it allows the client to safely control the organization’s long-term budget.

Burnett can bring a test unit to a plant to determine the results expected with the CAL~FLO System®, designing and custom-building the system in approximately 12 weeks. In most cases, single tank systems can be installed in one day.

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