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Predictable Results You Can Trust

Predictability means that when you can rely on an outcome, you can plan for your success.

When we’re talking about the quality of your water or the performance of your production line, consistent, reliable results are what matter—each time, every time.

Burnett breaks the chain of the unexpected in your workplace with high-performance, low-cost process technologies that deliver the quality you demand with solid, predictable outcomes—without exception.

The Burnett Guarantee

We stand behind all of our process technologies, products and chemicals by offering a functional guarantee.

Experience Cal-Flo For Free

We’ll bring a test unit out to your plant to prove the value of our approach. You pay only for the chemicals used. No set up fee, no delivery fee—no kidding.

The first and only technology to bring precise control to lime application while eliminating the chaotic application environment of dry lime and the dangers of liquid caustic.

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New thinking in CO2 means an operator-friendly approach that uses direct gas injection and a smart system design to keep costs low. It’s this type of thinking that makes our CO2 storage and dosing process technology consistently better.

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Peristaltic hose pumps with 50% more flow per revolution. The result is longer intervals between maintenance, flattening your cost curve and providing a pump you can rely on to reduce unplanned production interruptions.

Learn more about Graco Pumps

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