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Stable, Consistent Water—Made Easy

Your water may already be meeting quality guidelines, but how hard is it to get there? Are your feed lines clogged with lime? Is liquid caustic a real threat to the safety of your employees? Are you constantly chasing the numbers, adding more and more chemicals while trying to achieve the right balance? Is it challenging to maintain a budget with erratic shifts in chemical pricing?

There is a better way.

Burnett brings predictability to the often unstable environment of water treatment. We stabilize infrastructure costs and bring order to water treatment workspaces through a range of innovative technologies including:

Cal~Flo—the first and only technology to bring precise and accurate control to liquid calcium hydroxide dosing while eliminating the chaotic application environment of lime and the dangers of liquid caustic in water treatment. Dial in exact pH levels while maintaining a consistent, stable cost for chemicals and equipment maintenance. CAL~FLO can be utilized on pre-treatment to control raw water pH and is safe to feed in post-treatment finished water for pH control.
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Re~Min—Takes the Cal~Flo advantage even further with a process to dramatically increase hardness and alkalinity levels while controlling pH and turbidity. The water out of your plant will always be predictable and stable without sacrificing clarity or taste. RE~MIN PROCESS® is the most advanced and cost effective technology to balance raw water by adding additional alkalinity during rain events or to remineralize membrane permeate that lacks sufficient hardness and alkalinity.
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Burnett C02—Transparent process technology combined with precise dosing to apply across a wide range of applications. BurnettCO2 can be used in water treatment to lower raw water pH for optimum flock conditions or lower post-water pH in softening or remineralization conditions.
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Graco Pumps—Water plants always need high performance chemical pumps to sustain the treatment process. Our peristaltic pumps work extremely well in water treatment applications.
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